Nokia Asha 502, 501 Software Update

Nokia might have lost much of its fizz but there is no denying the power of the Finnish telecommunication giant. Even after Microsoft’s takeover of the mobile phone business unit, Nokia continues to bring out low-cost smartphone experience. The Nokia Asha series was released with the idea of offering smartphone-like features in a feature phone. The Nokia Asha 501 and 502 are two such handsets that have found many takers. One can update software in the Nokia Asha series, something that is quite a thing for a feature phone. So now you can get your Whatsapp on Nokia Asha phone quite easily, but first a little more on the phones.

Untitled-1Nokia Asha 501 – Cheap But Very Effective

The low-cost phone from Nokia, dubbed Asha 501 is quite a set. A 3-inch screen with 320x240p resolution, the phone’s display is decent and comfortable. Running on a 64MB RAM on the all new Asha 1.0 platform, (the operating system that has been inspired from now-dead MeeGo OS), Asha 501 has a 128MB internal space which can be upgraded thanks to the microSD slot that supports a healthy 32GB card. It has only one camera at the back of 3.15 MP. Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, document reader, Weather, a combined mailbox, notes, calculator, calendar, music player are in-built.

Nokia Asha 502 – Marked Improvement

The dual SIM handset has a 3-inch screen and runs on the Nokia Asha platform 1.1. It has an internal memory of 64 MB RAM and a microSD card slot, expandable up to 32 GB. The phone is Wi-Fi enabled and has a functional Bluetooth. With a 5MP camera, you can get good pictures with it. An added plus point over Asha 501 is the price. Asha 502 is quite cheaper than 501. With respect to photography too, the phone offers better specs.  Moreover, you can now choose from 6 colors variants.

Software Updates on Nokia Asha Series

You can easily update your Nokia Ash series wirelessly Over The Air (OTA). You simple need to have Internet connection on your phone and install the necessary update. The process to update a software is pretty simple. Take a look:

  • Go to Menu > Settings > Phone > Device updates
  • Select ‘downl. phone sw’. This will notify you if there is any update available. If found, you simple need to follow the instructions shown on the phone.

When the Asha series was launched, apart from Facebook, Twitter and a few other pre-installed apps, there wasn’t much on the phone. For a phone to be touted of having smartphone-features, the lack of WhatsApp was quite a deal for many. Thankfully, the Asha series now allows WhatsApp on the device.  WhatsApp has been optimized to work on both 2G and Wi-Fi (both the phones do not support 3G). You can use OTA to download WhatsApp. In the forthcoming sets of Asha 502, WhatsApp will be part of the pre-installed software. All WhatsApp notifications can be viewed on FastLane, the second home screen on the Asha devices.

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