4 Things That Can Give Twist to the Mobile World Soon


The mobile world is changing and developing in a rapid manner. And the change is faster than for instance web and PC ones. Can you remember your first mobile phone? What kind of characteristics it was loaded with? How big was the screen size? What was the storage capacity, resolution and battery life? Compare it with the latest phone you have. Even within one to two year, brands are incorporating new features in their mobiles and bringing new models loaded with exclusive features. Several features appeared and some of the times, users don’t even have a clear knowledge about this.

We belong to an era that has witnessed several resolutions and now, is on the verge of a resolution. There are several symptoms that show that within a decade or less than that, the mobile world will be completely different from today.

  1. Shift change

Can you remember when you had chosen a mobile two years ago? You had focused on popular brands like LG and Samsungs and had laughed at the names that were still not well admired. And now, you are crazy about the brands that were not so popular at that time, like Honor, and wait impatiently for the new release. And every time when you check the brand you will find that they have introduced something new and the models are equipped with trendy features. On the other side, if the brands like Sony or LG don’t wake up, they may join in the sleepy-heads club with Nokia very soon.

  1. Foldable phones

This is something that you can hardly avoid. We love huge screens, the bigger the better it will be. Nowadays, manufacturers are trying do something amazing when it comes to the screen-to-body ratio. With foldable phones, one does not need to worry about small resolution screens. Would you like to text or call someone? Well, the small and handy device is there. If you want to watch your favorite episode in the Netflix during the break, turn your phone into a tablet within a few seconds. Wait some time until proper devices are released, but then you will surely give them a go.

  1. FuchsiaOS

There is no doubt that Android is great, however, sometimes we feel that it needs some polishing, and an update can hardly do so. It seems that Google is also thinking in the same way since the gossip that they are about to develop a brand new OS, called FuchsiaOS. Some time ago, Google shared a repo of it on Github to allow people to get a glance of the code and what they are planning. It looks amazing and according to little birdies, Fuchsia will not only be on smartphones but also on other Google-related devices. Google has finally understood what they lack when they are compared to Apple’s offer. And now, they will work on to make the difference.

  1. Flutter

Flutter is the first cross-platform solution, which is not repelling but convincing. It allows you to develop your app with only one codebase. Moreover, you can release it on both the Play Store and App Store. When compared to native solutions, all these will take an extremely short span of time. It means cheaper development that will result in more applications. Users will not notice that difference but the development industry is eager to use it.

So, you can see that the world of mobile is evolving, and there are a lot of interesting things to wait for. Being a personal device, a mobile phone should be user-oriented; and manufactures and developers are working together to make the smartphones more smarter. Hope to see something outstanding very soon.

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